“Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.”
— Jeremiah 3:15

pastor ray tapp

Faith Harbor Fellowship Church Senior Pastor

pastor ray & rosie tapp

Pastor Ray & Rosie Tapp moved to Valdez from Fairbanks, Alaska in 1980 along with their four young children. They teamed up with Pastors Jason and Karen Wells from 1980 - 1991 in an effort to plant a church, now Faith Harbor Fellowship Church. Ray and Rosie served in every area of church ministry and in 1991 they were ordained as Senior Pastors.

In the beginning leading up to this present time, they have been blessed to pastor Faith Harbor and look forward to what God has in store of this amazing group of Christians. To this day their children are all grown and have Ray and Rosie proud grandparents of 10 grandchildren.

They believe in building up the Kingdom of God first in Valdez, Alaska where they currently are serving and into the nations as they provide a mission of getting into the R.I.V.E.R. of God. 

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Ray & Rosie Tapp


Faith Harbor Fellowship is a non-denominational local church in Valdez, Alaska. Our goal is to see our city, state and world impacted by the Kingdom of God. The church meets on Sundays as well as throughout the week to do the following:

  1. worShip god;

  2. minister to our congregation through preaching & teaching God’s word;

  3. edify the church family through prayer, fellowship & mentorship.

The end outcome is that Faith Harbor Fellowship becomes an effective life-giving Christian community impacting the lives of everyone we touch for Jesus Christ. For more information please go to "What We Believe" and "How to Connect to Faith Harbor Fellowship" page.

Be blessed!